If you want to record your gameplay with USB, Xbox 360 gameplay? Now you can do this. There is software for this operation, what you need to do to download this software just read down words...

How to Download:

1.Pick a Survey (Scroll over to see what you have to do in order to coplete)
2. Complete the survey with the detailis asked then sumbit..
3. Wait 5-10 seconds. The download will be start automatically
4. Enjoy, good luck and have fun!

Instruction for Using :
1. Copy th recording program on to a USB stick.
2. Plug the USB stick into your Xbox 360
3. Start up the Xbox360 and the program will automatically begin recording the gameplay to the USB stick.
4. When done recording, plug the USB back into your PC.
5. Your gameplay will be recorded to the "video01.avi" 

Download times: 21.394

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Q:I'm Having a .net framework error, What is this?
A: Simply download the latest .net framework" from the Microsoft webpage, just Google it.

Q: Why Surveys?
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Q:But how you will avoid spammers and bad intoned people?

A: Simple, Only interested peolpe would download take some minutes to complete survey, the survey act as a filter.